Sorority Bitches to Wellness Witches

Hi!  We're Hailey and Megan!  Based in the PNW, we are energy healing junkies on the search for what 'wellness' and 'self-care' actually mean.  We launched Sage Sisters Podcast in July of 2018 as a way to give voice to our exploration of energy work, healing alternatives, and spirituality.  

Hailey Shoemaker McLennan was raised in a small rural town in eastern Washington State, but always knew her desire for meeting new and diverse people, with different backgrounds, stories, and paths, would draw her elsewhere.  She always had this intense pull inside of her to try new things, to learn, and to be open-minded to all new experiences.  All the while, she never really felt like she knew who she was, or who she wanted to be. 


It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom, that she found herself reaching out for healing she didn’t know existed.  Through a profound Reiki healing session, she realized she knew who she wanted to be – a healing arts practitioner. 


Sage Sisters Podcast was created as a way to bring a voice to all the incredible energy healing modality practitioners, who are doing absolutely magical life-changing work.  It has been the experience of a lifetime, building and becoming part of such an intensely supportive community, and finding so much gratitude in holding space for people to share their beautiful gifts to help people heal and grow.  

Megan Dierckins Candelario is a PNW native who, after years of trying conventional avenues to improve her physical, mental and spiritual well-being eventually hit a wall when she realized she didn’t like how she was showing up in the world. Traditional therapy and self-help books alone were no longer cutting it.  She knew she needed to break down some walls within herself to find more. 


After her first experiences with Sound Healing and Reiki she knew she had been opened to a whole new world of healing to explore.  


Sage Sisters Podcast was born out of wanting to share her thoughts, feelings and experiences with others that may find these healing practices helpful in their lives. 

She is most grateful for all that she has started to learn about herself and the amazing healing arts community she has found.  Bringing a new episode to life every week has been incredibly humbling, exciting, and more fulfilling than she ever thought possible.