Season Three

Episode 51: Living Your Best Life with Dr. Patrick Fox

Episode 54: Little Altars Everywhere

Episode 57: Live Wellround Through Myofascial Release with Betsy

Episode 60: BONUS EPISODE Love from the Hyp presents Sage Sisters Podcast featuring Diana Clark 

Episode 63: Our Favorite Spirit Baby Psychic Medium Jessica McKeown

Episode 66: BONUS EPISODE Love from the Hyp Presents Sage Sisters Podcast featuring Dr. Patrick Fox

Episode 69: Accelerate Your Health with Sara Banta

Episode 72: Digital Wellness with Christina Malecka, Creator of Unplug. Reconnect. Restore: Digital Mindfulness Retreats & Workshops

Episode 52: The Wisdom of Wild Foods with DeAnn and Tina of Wild Nutrition Adventures

Episode 55: Rewriting Your Story Around Sex, Dating, and Relationships with Sex & Dating Coach Gretchen Shanks

Episode 58: Fire and Water

Episode 61: Introduction to Crystal Pendulums with Sharlean Windus

Episode 53: Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy with Lexi and Calvin of Kalon Spa

Episode 56: Leveraging Your Strengths, Talents, & Motivations with Career & Leadership Coach Erin Thomas

Episode 59: Trauma, Mental Health, and Connecting to Your Core Truth with Toni Aswegan 

Episode 62: Discovering the Pattern of Your Soul with Artist Healer Leah Nguyen

Episode 64: Ghosts, Spirits, Mediumship & More with Sharlean Windus

Episode 67: What Would You Do If You Were One Percent More Courageous with InHerShoes Founder, Judith Martinez

Episode 65: Acupuncture, Chinese & Western Herbs, & Karaoke as Part of Your Self-Care with Angela Renzetti

Episode 68: What the F*ck is Mercury Retrograde?

Episode 70: BONUS EPISODE: Love from the Hyp Presents Sage Sisters Podcast featuring Toni Aswegan

Episode 71: Sweat Your Way to Better Health with City Sweats Founder & CEO Dee Alams

Episode 73: The Podcast Before Christmas