Season One

Episode 1: Introduction to Sage Sisters Podcast

Episode 2: Energy Medicine Practitioner Sharlean Windus

Episode 3: Get to Know Hailey

Episode 4: Get to Know Megan

Episode 5: Birthwork, Intuitive Skincare, and Flowing Energy with Nichole Lanham

Episode 6: Health, Spirituality, Crystals, Shungite, and Ayahuasca with Jason Opal

Episode 7: So You Think You Can Sage?

Episode 10: Altar Building, The Clairs (psychic senses), and Oracle Cards with Sharlean Windus

Episode 13: Happy Fall Equinox, Harvest Full Moon, and Holy Hell, It's Finally Fall!

Episode 16: Crystals 101! Amethyst, Quartz, and Citrine, Oh My!

Episode 19: Sowing Sadhana with Katie Blair

Episode 22: Lunar Living Guide Chelsea Spicer

Episode 8: Lucid Dreaming and OBEs with Sabrina

Episode 11: Breathwork, Books, and Raising the Conscious Collective with Joseph Kauffman

Episode 14: Clean Beauty with Our Sorority Sister Jami Slaton

Episode 17: Finding Self-Care in Every Action with the Wonderful Deborah Savran

Episode 20: Second Floor Hallway Chat

Episode 23: Relationships, Connection, and Love of Humanity with Deborah and Jed

Episode 9: Sound Healer and Intuitive Creatrix Sara Corbishley

Episode 12: We Are Complete Beings with Vanessa Ainslie

Episode 15: Three Moon Collective with Hannah Exner

Episode 18: Listening to the Knocks from the Universe with Jennifer Ross


Episode 21: All About Essential Oils with Chrissy Talt

Episode 24: Q & A with Sharlean Windus

Episode 25: Season One Wrap Up and Holiday Cheer!